The Experience

WHY CHOUSE US? We want to do more than just film and photograph your wedding—we want to provide an experience that will create a lasting impact for you and your spouse. Videographers and photographers are unlike other wedding vendors because we spend almost every moment with you on your wedding day. When you watch your final film and view your photos, not only are you going to remember what your day looked like, but what you were feeling in the moment. That’s why it’s so important to work with someone who you trust and feel comfortable with.

DO YOU OFFER RAW FOOTAGE? We do offer a raw footage documentary edit of your ceremony & toasts, or of your entire day. This means that we take all the raw footage we shoot, trim it up and create a long-form, chronological edit. Our couples love going back and recounting their day through this footage because it allows you to see everything that happened, this is an additional charge.